GB WhatsApp & FM WhatsApp: Which One is Better to Use in 2024?

Tech Savvy users will go for GB WhatsApp because they want a feature rich communication app; however, FM WhatsApp is about more secure and private interaction with friends, family and colleagues. Read this article to know in detail about the rich features and amazing privacy functionalities of these apks.

In the 90’s WhatsApp proved a game changer for the communication world. It aptly replaced instant messaging with online typing and texting. Now, it’s modded versions like these two mentioned above, offer many features to enjoy their chat and communication. 

Have you ever compared FM WhatsApp with GB WhatsApp? I will discuss in this article my experience of both modded apps which will enable you to choose a useful apk for you. 

GB WhatsApp & FM WhatsApp

Overview of FM WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp

Fouad Mokdad has developed Fm whatsApp considering more privacy features for the users. No one wants others to know that they have seen their status or sometimes you read the message but you do not want others to know, so this modded apk is the ultimate solution with more privacy features.

AlexMods designed GBwhatsApp with stronger customization options. These are not available at Google Play Store because third party developers developed and designed them, which is not supported by WhatsApp Inc. officially. 

Comparison of GB WhatsApp & FM WhatsApp

Features of both modded apks are remarkable when it comes to considering their useability. You cannot undermine one in comparison to another, but the user’s requirements and choices matter a lot. His expertise, purpose, and preference matter in their apks selection. 

Read this comparison to understand the interface, customization options and overall experience of the user while using this app. It will help you in selecting the right apk best suited to their needs.

FeaturesGB WhatsAppFM WhatsApp
CustomizationExtensive customization in themes, fonts, and user interfaceMore focus on the customization in design and appearance
Privacy ControlsAdvanced privacy settings (hiding online status, blue ticks, typing indicators etc)Privacy features with app lock, anti-delete messages and enhanced security settings.
File SharingSupport for larger file sizes 50 MB in file sharingAllows sharing large files of 700 MB
Multiple AccountsOn one device, you can use multiple WhatsApp accountsSimilar capability to run multiple accounts concurrently
Messaging FeaturesAdditional features like scheduling messages, automated repliesAdvanced messaging functions beyond standard WhatsApp
Updates & StabilityVaried update frequency and stability may varySimilar variability in updates and stability
Security ConcernsPotential security risks due to modified natureSimilar security concerns due to modified versions
Support & OfficialityUnofficial app, lacking official supportUnofficial, lacking official endorsement or support

Comparison of both WhatsApp apk means giving the best possible reasons to select the most appropriate one for you. GB WhatsApp focuses on offering more customization and enhanced functionalities, while downloading FM WhatsApp’s latest version will provide privacy and security features. 

Choose based on whether you prioritize customization or privacy. The layout or the user interface of these both is amazing. Its icons, font colors and themes can get customized according to your style and taste. 

In terms of privacy and security, they are reliable and trustworthy; hide your online status, view stats veiled or even freeze your last seen in these WhatsApp apks. The amazing feature of anti-delete messages in both allows complete freedom while communicating with others. 

Anti-delete messages and status are blessings in stressful conditions as it has become necessary as too much exposure is too stressful. Another amazing reason for using these apks is exceeding the limit of sending the images, pictures and videos in comparison to official WhatsApp. 

However, you need to download them from very trusted sources so there will be no breach in security. Consider the fact that modded versions of official WhatsApp app either GB, FM or Aero WhatsApp, are not owned by the standard WhatsApp Inc. So never give unnecessary permissions while installing this app. 

Pros and Cons of GB WhatsApp & FM WhatsApp

These apks have certain advantages which are best for a teenager or a student, and some features are more suitable to a businessman or elderly person. Some limitations can bother both young, elderly, students and businessmen. The crust of the statement is to choose one which is best suited to your needs. 

Every modded version has its own pros and cons, but choosing them totally depends on the user. Understand what are some advantages and disadvantages of both modded apks. 

FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp


  • Extra privacy features are available in both APKs which provide you a sense of more security and privacy. Hide your online status, blue ticks and typing status using their ezra privacy features.
  • Customization of font, styles, texts and themes are part of the fm and gb whatsApp. 
  • In both modded versions, users can send more than 30 MB images, videos, texts and documents etc. FM allows sending files more than 700 MB, and GB enables above 50  MB files.
  • View anti-delete status and anti-deleted messages in both modded versions. 
  • Use multiple accounts on the same device.
  • Offer extra variation like scheduling texts, auto-reply etc.
  • Enable watching status more than 30 mins in both apps. 


  • FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp, both are developed by third party developers and it is not endorsed by the official WhatsApp Inc. Therefore, they are not as secure as the official WhatsApp accounts. 
  • Their updated editions are offering more anti-ban features which are against the official WhatsApp terms and conditions. There is a chance to ban the account permanently by WhatsApp so it is a risk. 
  • It might take time for the updates of the notifications, and if you do not update, it may stop working so this is the major risk factor in GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp as they are unofficial apps. 


After reading this article, GB WhatsApp is more about the feature-rich allure and FM WhatsApp increases privacy. It all depends on your preferences and priorities. Install the modded version which would suit your needs and tailor your messaging experience. Aero WhatsApp is another modded apk. In case you want to know about it, read here. 

Simply, optimize your messaging interactions steering towards the apk version which would better suit your priority. Stay tuned for more relevant updates in these apks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Both offer the same security features in terms of privacy and security features. They both have the ability of hiding the last seen, disabling forward tag and managing the incoming calls. 

FM WhatsApp has a groups section, while GBWhatsApp offers live themes. But it all depends on your choice of which features you want to enjoy.

FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp both allow sharing more images and larger files, with GB WhatsApp offering additional features like increased video limits and downloading status without third-party apps.

The user experience differs between FM WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp based on personal preferences and desired features. Both apps offer a similar experience with almost the same features, but the choice depends on individual needs.

Test both versions, and then decide which you want to enjoy. They both have their own significance and importance for users. It depends on your personal preferences. 

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