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My mother was anxious why I didn’t answer her whatsapp message when i was at my workplace. I had checked, but it wasn’t important so I ignored it. Obviously, we cannot respond to every message while we are working. 

Isn’t it possible to read a whatsapp message without letting the sender know?

Well, standard Whatsapp does not offer this option, but it’s modded version does. You can read messages without letting the other person know. Through the default setting, enter ghost mode to enjoy maximum privacy.

This article is useful for knowing how this app will ease your daily communication. Read mod Whatsapp apk’s specific features to find its usefulness. Then, download FM WhatsApp latest version V10.06 (2024) for more customization and privacy controls.

FM WhatsApp APK

Fmwhsapp developed this WhatsApp modded version where you can enjoy more customised options like creating your custom stickers, hiding or unhiding chats, customising notifications and what not. Just uplift your communication game.

Before installing FMWhatsapp, read its potential benefits, drawbacks and other additional qualities.  Download Whatsapp fm (older & latest versions) for free including V9.98, V9.97, V9.52, V9.45, V9.27 and also the most demanding FMWhatsapp V9.98.

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Download Latest Version of Fm Whatsapp APK

Application Name

Fm Whatsapp APK




76.1 MB


Android 5.0 +



Features of FM WhatsApp

Privacy Feature

FM whatsapp provides more privacy to you while you communicate with friends and family. 

  • You can discreetly view statuses without leaving a trace. 
  • You can keep your interactions confidential by hiding the typing and recording actions.
  • Another privacy feature includes disabling the video calling to enjoy more privacy.
  • Further, you can hide this tick for additional privacy too
  • Also freeze your last scene.
App lock icon

App Lock

Use a password and footprint to  add an additional security on your WhatsApp chat.

Ghost Mode icon

Ghost Mode

Make your actions invisible to everyone using ghost mode.


Airplane Mode

After turning on your aeroplane mode, you can’t send or receive any message.


Dark & Light Theme

Either light or dark, enjoy whichever you want

Audio & Video Call

Audio & Video Call

Make audio/video calls all around the world free of cost

Whatsapp Channel

Whatsapp Channel

Create Whatsapp channels to start netwrking with like-minded people


Schedule your Message

After turning on your aeroplane mode, you can’t send or receive any message.


Search Bar

After turning on your aeroplane mode, you can’t send or receive any message.



After turning on your aeroplane mode, you can’t send or receive any message.

Security Features

Status-Lenght icon

Status Length

Use a password and footprint to  add an additional security on your WhatsApp chat.


Forward Images

Make your actions invisible to everyone using ghost mode.

Status-Lengh logo

In-Built App Lock

After turning on your aeroplane mode, you can’t send or receive any message.

Great Multimedia Support


Various Themes

Use a password and footprint to  add an additional security on your WhatsApp chat.


Emoji Variant

Make your actions invisible to everyone using ghost mode.

Exclusive features

  • Seamlessly communicate with unsaved contacts by streamlining your messaging experience.
  • Unlike the original App’s limit of pinning only three chats, this application offers the flexibility to pin up to 100 chats.
  • Tailor the visual experience of your group conversations by changing the colours—a feature missing in the original App
  • Elevate your messaging expressions with an extensive variety of emojis

Superb Control Functions

  • Streamline your interactions by directly messaging a number without saving in contact. 
  • Disable forwarded tags will ensure your shared content’s originality. 
  • Even if someone deletes their status after posting, the anti-delete feature will retain a copy on your end.

Various Demanding Features

  • Dual Whatsapp accounts will help to seamlessly switch between two accounts within the same app.
  • Auto-Reply to ensure timely responses even when you are unable to reply manually.
  • Advanced file sharing option will enable more smooth communication
  • Anti-Ban will not put your account’s suspension or ban.
  • DND mode in FM WhatsApp will silence notifications and calls from the app.
  • Hide Statuses: Keep your privacy intact by hiding online status from people you want to .

How to Download and Install FM WhatsApp?

Step 1:

Back up your chats before proceeding with any installation or changes, it’s crucial to safeguard your chats:

  • Open your current WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • Tap “Backup” to save your chats to your device or cloud storage.
  • This ensures you won’t lose any important conversations during the process.

Step- 2:

Enable Unknown Resources to allow installation. So, 

  • Navigate settings of your design
  • Go to Privacy settings
  • Look for Install Unknown Apps
  • Enable the option for the file manager through browsing

Then, you will access the APK files


  • Open your browser and visit a trusted website offering the FMWhatsApp APK Download.
  • Click on Fm whatsapp apk download to get latest version for your device

Step 4:

Proceed with the installation after downloading APK file:

  • Locate downloaded APK file in your device’s file manager
  • Start the installation process and opening the FM WhatsApp on-screen prompt
  • Now, verify your phone number to access the updated features.

You can view video on how to download & Install Fm Whatsapp

FMWhatsApp Older Versions APKs (All Previous Versions)

Fm whatsapp logo

Version 10.3

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Version 10.2

Fm whatsapp logo

Version 9.98

FMWhatsApp vs WhatsApp — What’s The Difference?

Difference between FMWhatsApp vs WhatsApp

How To Update FM Whatsapp ?

Fm whatsapp update: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to downloading FM WhatsApp APK, here is a concise guide you can follow:

  • Access a trusted source (authentic websites)
  •  Always  download the FM WhatsApp latest versions from reliable sources 
  • After downloading, locate the file in the file’s manager to proceed with the installation process.
  • Once successfully updated, verify your phone number to access the updated features.

By following these steps meticulously, you can efficiently update your FM WhatsApp APK.

Why should you use the FMWhatsApp ?

Simply, it would provide more privacy features through their additional customization features; however, users should also consider the potential risks associated with using third-party modded apps.

Customization options with availability of the diverse themes, fonts, styles and chat appearance modifications will make chatting enjoyable. 

Ghost mode, in-built  app lock, anti-delete status and expanded file-sharing capabilities would make your experience smoother. Standard WhatsApp does not have such features. 

Dual account management will ease your process because you will enjoy WhatsApp on the same account.  

Use the FM WhatsApp for better planning and management through message scheduling features. 

To enjoy more features other than available in WhatsApp, you can use the FM WhatsApp to personalise your settings and preferences.

Advantages & Disadvantage

What’s new in FM WhatsApp apk latest version 2024

Potential new features in FM WhatsApp latest version in 2024 might include: 

  • Continued advancements in privacy controls
  •  New themes, fonts and styles for further personalization of the app’s appearance and interface.
  • Enhanced file-sharing capabilities are part of the FM WhatsApp. 
  • Introduction of emoticons will enrich messaging expressions.
  • Measures to improve app security will ensure better protection against potential vulnerabilities.

To stay updated on the latest features and improvements in FM WhatsApp or any modded app, it’s advisable to regularly check trusted sources that specialise in providing information about these WhatsApp mods.


  • FM WhatsApp typically requires an Android operating system (OS) version 4.0.3 or higher to function properly.
  • You need a stable internet connection to use the FM WhatsApp messaging.
  • Ensure there are the sufficient storage space in your device to download FM WhatsApp APK file
  • Additionally, enough space is required to store media files and chats within the app.

What To Do If Facing The Difficulty In Installing FM WhatsApp ?

If you are encountering difficulties while installing FM WhatsApp, here are some steps to consider:

  • Confirm Android OS version os compatible.
  • You must have sufficient storage space available.
  • Consider re-downloading from an alternate source if the initial file seems to be corrupted or incomplete.
  • If you want to install WhatsApp APK files from sources other than the Google Play Store, navigate the ‘security’ and ‘privacy’ options to enable/ install apps from unknown sources. 
  • If the installation fails, try clearing the cache and data of the package installer app on your device.
  • Uninstall conflicting apps If you have a previous version of FM WhatsApp or any other WhatsApp mod installed, uninstall it before attempting to install the new version.  
  • Restart and refresh the system to clear all the temporar glitches.
  • In case the problem persists, try downloading the alternative versions of the FM WhatsApp APK. Sometimes, different versions might work better on specific devices.
  • Contact support of the forum will reach out to the developer’s support if available. Visit modding forums where users discuss similar issues. You might find solutions or guidance from the community.
  • Consider using the official WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store for a more stable experience.

Always be cautious when installing third-party apps or APK files from sources other than the official app stores to avoid potential security risks.

Myths About FM WhatsApp

One common myth about FM WhatsApp or other modified versions of WhatsApp is that they offer complete immunity from account bans or security risks due to their enhanced features or privacy settings. No, it does not.

Using third-party mods like FM WhatsApp poses risks such as temporary or permanent bans on your WhatsApp account, loss of account access or missing out on official security updates.

Another misconception is that FM WhatsApp guarantees superior security compared to the official version. But, if the app will not be updated regularly, it would be exposed to different security vulnerabilities. 

So, it is important to consider the potential risks associated with using modded versions like FM WhatsApp as they might not provide complete protection against bans or security threats.


FM WhatsApp, a modified version of WhatsApp, enhances its features and functionalities. Further, the expanded file-sharing capabilities and diverse emoji selection of FMWhatsApp are also part of them. 

Ghost mode, in-built app lock and anti-delete status are the security features they have. Additionally, it contrasts FM WhatsApp with the official WhatsApp after mentioning advantages and disadvantages.  

Read this article to dispel common myths surrounding its use. The article provides guidance on updating, installing, and troubleshooting FM WhatsApp.

Fm whatsapp Developer profile image

Developer Name


Mobile Application

Fm Whatsapp

Soical Profle

FQA-Frequently Asked Questions

FM WhatsApp is WhatsApp’s modified version offering more customization options and features. It is not developed by WhatsApp Inc rather a third-party developer. 

No, it is developed by third-party developers and not supported by WhatsApp Inc.

Users must be cautious enough to use it as it is not officially supported by WhatsApp so it might pose potential security risks or lead to account bans. 

FMWhatsApp offers features like enhanced customization options, expanded privacy settings, dual account management, increased file-sharing capabilities and unique security features not available in the official WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK files can be found on various trusted websites. 

Yes, FM WhatsApp allows dual accounts on the same device. 

Yes, it could lead to temporary or permanent ban when unofficial versions are used as they would go against WhatsApp’s terms of service.

Updates for FMWhatsApp may vary and might not be as regular as the official WhatsApp. 

Yes, transferring chats is possible from regular WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp.

Using FMWhatsApp might expose users to security vulnerabilities or risks as it is not officially supported by WhatsApp. Personal data might be at risk.

To update FMWhatsApp, download the latest APK file from a trusted source and install it after following installation steps.

No, FMWhatsApp is an Android-only application and doesn’t have a version compatible with iOS devices.

FMWhatsApp, being a third-party app, might not have official customer support. Users often rely on forums or community discussions for assistance.

Yes, FMWhatsApp offers extensive customization options including themes, fonts, styles and chat appearance modifications.

If facing issues, try troubleshooting by clearing cache, restarting the device, using alternative APK files, or seeking help from modding forums.