FM Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp [2024] – Which is  Better

WhatsApp is every user’s daily go to communication app with many mod apk versions to facilitate them. Its modded versions basically bring more functionality and customization for the users. Unlimited features like hiding status, seeing others status without knowing them, reading messages without blue tick and many more are part of these apps.

FM WhatsApp and Aero WhatsApp are both popular modded versions to use. They offer a wide variety of features. Some are the same in both apps, and specific differences give advantage over the other.  

Let’s make a comparison of both so we have details which is the right choice for you. 

What is FM WhatsApp?

It is developed by Fouad Mokdad, which is WhatsApp’s modded version with many features missing in the standard application.It has more customization and privacy features introduced in it, and users carve for it.

Key Features:

If you consider its functions, it has the following amazing features:

  • Many themes library with thousands of options
  • Enhanced privacy settings (hiding last seen or blue tick)
  • Sending large files with more diverse media type
  • Built-in lock for added security
  • Customize interface and icon

What is Aero WhatsApp?

Hazar Bozkurt developed this apk which has robust performance with aesthetic appeal. It gives users a very sleek and seamless experience which has actually attracted different segments of the users.

Key Features:

  • High-quality themes with visually appealing interface
  • Advanced privacy options in comparison to the FM WhatsApp
  • Optimized performances
  • No bugs, viruses or crashes 
  • Supporting high-resolution images and larger videos
  • Unique features of customizations of home screen style

Comparison of FM WhatsApp vs Aero WhatsApp

Customization options:

Both apps offer a vibrant and fun chatting experience as they have easy-to-use interface with several customization options. 

DetailFM WhatsAppAero WhatsApp
Themes and interfaceIt has a large and extensive library of themes and icons.

It allows personalization of icons by changing colors or graphics etc. Users will have a very personalized experience  in every aspect of the app’s appearance. 
It has few high-quality themes to enhance visual experience. There are a maximum of around 3000 Aero themes.
It also offers Yo themes.
It, further, provides 14 icons designs making this app more attractive.
Chat CustomizationFM WhatsApp offers more detailed setting options.Aero WhatsApp offers customization options, but less in comparison to fm

Privacy Features

Last seen Freeze & hiding blue tickIt offers privacy features to concerned users who value discretion in their online interactions. 
You can pin chats, and lock them with password too for an additional security layer. 
It offers privacy, but does not ensure end-to-end encryption.
It doesn’t provide a privacy option, but prevents data loss by setting a password.
You can reset your password in case you forget after answering recovery questions.
Anti-Delete MessagesAnti-delete messages help in saving messages from getting deletedIt is more reliable in offering anti-delete messaging features
Media SharingShares approximately 700 MB files. It supports sharing of higher files sizes including documents, images or videosAllows sharing 100 MB, and does not support the sharing of large files above 100 MB.  
Quickly and efficiently send high-resolution pictures, videos and images up to maximum 100 MB

Stability & Performance

SpeedIt is smooth but sometimes it creates problems.It offers more smooth performance than its other modded version
Bug IssuesBug issues affect this modded version more in comparison to Aero whatsappIt offers more streamlined progress with the less bug issues which crash the conversation.

Additional Features

Unique FunctionalityIt is offering more app lock, custom emojis and extensive theme options. It has a cleaner and initiative interface. 
UsabilityBug issues affect this modded version more in comparison to Aero whatsappIt is more streamlined to navigate new users. It also has its user-friendly interface making it more acceptable for users.

User Experience

Interface DesignIt has a common interface to use with ease by the consumers.It has a modern and aesthetically pleasing interface in comparison to fm.
Ease to UseIt is so easy to use for the interested people with simple features to use.It has initiative designs which gives a slight advantage in terms of user-friendliness
Community FeedbackCommunity feedback about fm is so positive among its users. They appreciate its design stability and easy interface.Aero WhatsApp users give more comments related to design stability

Security Concerns

Data EncryptionIt does not offer end-to-end encryption like official WhatsAppIt does not guarantee the end-to-end encryption as the official standard app does
Vulnerability to Malware:Download from a trusted source as it can have malware risksAlways get it from a trusted source to avoid any malware risks.
Official Support:WhatsApp Inc does not support any modded version as they are developed by third party developers so there is no official support. It is one of the major drawbacks of these apps.WhatsApp Inc does not support any modded version as they are developed by third party developers so there is no official support. It is one of the major drawbacks of these apps.

The following mentioned key features of both WhatsApp’s modded versions explicitly help you to choose one which suits your needs. In cae, you want to share large files with business colleagues and partners, go for fm. But if you want to enjoy a messenger with a more luxury vibe, select Aero whatsapp. 

Pros & Con of Fm Whatsapp vs Aero WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp’ Pros & Cons

Using modded versions of official WhatsApp will give you an understanding of benefits and limitations of these. User’s preference makes them useful as they both have some good and some minus points. The following are the pros and cons for fm WhatsApp. 

Advantages Disadvantages
Larger file sharing limitFrequent Bugs & crashes
Advanced privacy featuresMalware issues
Extensive customization options Potential security risks

Aero WhatsApp Pros & Cons 

Then, same goes for Aero WhatsApp where some features are so useful, and others limit your communication. Read and choose wisely according to your daily personal and professional needs. 

Sleek & Modern interface Limited file share capacity in comparison to FM WhatsApp
Better performance & stabilityLimited Customization options in comparison to FM WhatsApp
High-quality Themes

How to download and Install?

FM WhatsApp Installation Guide

  1. Go to the website, and browse to download FM WhatsApp APK.
  2. Remember, always download from a trusted source to avoid malware issues.
  3. Enable the “unknown sources” settings in your phone.
  4. Install APK after phone number verification.
  5. Customize your settings and start using the app.

Aero WhatsApp Installation Guide

  1. Download the Aero WhatsApp APK from a trusted source.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your phone’s settings.
  3. Install the APK and verify your phone number.
  4. Customize your settings and enjoy the app.

    Significance of using modded apps

    Who Should Use FM WhatsApp?

    It is the go-to app of users who choose extensive customization options, and who need to share files of larger capacity. It is suitable for people demanding more privacy and concern for security. But they must not mind having any occupational bugs. 

    Who Should Use Aero WhatsApp?

    Aero WhatsApp is the preference of the users who love to enjoy streamlined and sleek designs. It will give them very stable performance  with a very initiative user interface. 

    User Feedback and Reviews

    FM WhatsApp User Experiences:

    Users appreciate the extensive customization and privacy options but report occasional bugs and crashes.

    Aero WhatsApp User Experiences: 

    Users love the app’s stability and design, but some wish for more extensive customization options.

    Future Updates and Developments

    Expected Features for FM WhatsApp:

    • More themes and customization options
    • Enhanced privacy features
    • Improved stability

    Expected Features for Aero WhatsApp:

    • Additional themes and design improvements
    • Further optimization for performance
    • New unique features to enhance user experience


    Both FM WhatsApp and Aero WhatsApp offer unique features and improvements over the official WhatsApp application. Your choice depends on what you value more: extensive customization and larger file sharing with FM WhatsApp, or a sleek design and stable performance with Aero WhatsApp. Evaluate your needs and preferences to make the best decision.

    I hope reading this comparison has helped you to understand the basic difference between these two modded versions. In case you want to read about GB Whatsapp, you can also read here.


    If downloaded from a trusted and secure site, it is safe to use it but with precautions. It might lack end-to-end encryption and WhatsApp Inc.s official support which can pose potential security threats; however, just download it from a trusted source to avoid and minimize risks. 

    Yes, you can use them simultaneously on the same phone with different phone numbers, but it can cause some problems while managing your messages and other functions. 

    It totally depends on the developers. Fm WhatsApp and Aero WhatsApp receive updates after every few months as they add new features or they fix bugs issues. 

    Data breaches, lack of official WhatsApp support, malware issues and security risks are some risks associated with these modded versions; however, they can be minimized after downloading from a trusted source. 

    First, backup your chats and uninstall FM WhatsApp. Then, install Aero WhatsApp and restore backup during setup.

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