FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp [2024] – Which One is Best?

Comparing these fm whatsapp vs official whatsapp will give you many similar aspects as well as differences, but freedom is the main reason for opting for FM WhatsApp and security is for selecting WhatsApp Inc

Users never like insecure interactions with friends and family. Official WhatsApp brought the end-to-encryption privacy for them. GB WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp are the most popular apk of the official application.

Brian Acton and Jan Loun, in 2009, solved the problem of security and privacy of consumers which Apple was not providing them. In 2015, it gave end-to-end-encryption to people and conquered the whole communication landscape. 

There are many many similarities and few differences between these two. Read the following article to understand why Fm WhatsApp is also a value-added application in your communication world. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison to determine which one is best for you in 2024.

FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp

Brief Introduction of WhatsApp

WhatsApp offered end-to-end encryption messages and calls to all users around the globe.  Meta (formally FaceBook) owned this app. Approximately, 2 Billion people are using this application in more than 180 countries in at least 50 languages. 

Reason for its immense popularity lies in WhatsApp’s reliability, security and straightforward messaging experience. WhatsApp can easily work on slow connections with no subscription fee, almost. 

Brief Introduction of FM WhatsApp

Foud Mokdad has developed the FM WhatsApp, a modded version of the original one. It provides equal secure and private communication options for the users. Customization and value-added features have made it more popular among users. Enjoy limitless and extensive themes, icons, animated stickers and emojis.  

FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp: Comparative Analysis

When it comes to messaging apps, WhatsApp is a household name known for its reliability and security. However, FM WhatsApp, a modified version, offers extensive customization and additional features that cater to users seeking more personalization options. 

Curious about which one suits you best? Dive into our detailed comparison to find out!

Customization Options

FM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Themes & Interface:Personalization icon is more  with wide range of interface and themesIt has limited customization with a clean and consistent look.
Chat CustomizationIt excels in chat customization with numerous options of functionality and appearances of chats according to user’s demand and desire.Basic customization features like the wallpaper changes are available in the official WhatsApp.

 Privacy Features

FM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Last Seen Freeze and Hide Blue TicksPrivacy features are more granular control in the Fm WhatsApp like hiding last seen status and blue ticks more effectively.Official WhatsApp provides privacy features
Anti-Delete MessagesAnti-delete features help in reading messages even after they get deleted.Official WhatsApp does not have such a feature

Media Sharing

FM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
File Size LimitsFM WhatsApp allows sending files up to 700MB.Official WhatsApp offers a limit up-to 100 MB.
Types of File SupportedFM WhatsApp has a higher capacity of file sharing (images, documents and videos)Official WhatsAp also has sharing capability, but it is limited and restricted

Performance & Stability

FM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
SpeedIt has rich-features and extensive customization so they sometimes slow down due to it.Official WhatsApp has smooth performances with quick updates.
Bug IssuesIt is prone to bug issues due to instability because of the modificationsThe official WhatsApp has fewer bus issues and crashes.


FM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Data EncryptionFM WhatsApp, while offering privacy features, cannot guarantee the same level of security.Official WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for all communications, ensuring maximum security.
Vulnerability to MalwareFM WhatsApp is more vulnerable to malware and security risks as it is not officially supported.Official WhatsApp has robust security measures and official support.

Official Support and Updates

FM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Frequency of Updates:FM WhatsApp updates depend on the developer and are less predictableOfficial WhatsApp receives frequent updates with new features and security patches
Customer SupportFM WhatsApp relies on community forums and unofficial channels for help.Official WhatsApp provides official customer support

User Experience

FM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Interface DesignFM WhatsApp offers a highly customizable interfaceOfficial WhatsApp provides a clean, consistent design that emphasises usability.
Ease of UseIt is user-friendly moded apk of WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp’s straightforward design makes it slightly easier to navigate
Community FeedbackFM WhatsApp users appreciate the customization and featuresOfficial WhatsApp users value reliability and security.

Feature of FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp [2024]

FeaturesFM WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Download DPYesNo
Hide BlueticksYesNo
Hide ChatsYesNo
Name on Home ScreenYesNo
Fonts VariationYesNo
File Sharing700 MB100 MB
Status Length 255 Characters139 Characters
Disable incoming callsYesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
Anti-view onceYesNo

Pros and Cons of FM WhatsApp

Using this modded apk has many benefits for the users including the individuals looking for more enhanced features and customization options. Communication can be fun using FM whatsApp apk, and it can be more professional using the official WhatsApp application. The choice is sheer yours, but they both have some limitations and some advantages:


  • The main option is this extensive customization option in this apk 
  • It has more file sharing limits than the original WhatsApp application. 
  • The advanced privacy features are amazing to use. 


  • Using FM WhatsApp can cause many bugs or crashes because it is not officially supported and endorsed by the original whatsApp official; hence, frequent bugs and crashes happen. 
  • There can be potential security risks associated with use of FM WhatsApp apk. 

Pros and Cons of Official WhatsApp


  • Using the official WhatsApp application is more reliable and stable. It will give smooth performance as well as stability.
  • Their will be stronger end-to-end encryption while using this official whatsApp application 
  • There will be official support and frequent updates while using the official WhatsApp application. 


  • There are limited customization options in the original WhatsApp application
  • Smaller file sharing limit is minimum in comparison to the apks. 


This is a complete contrast of why to useFM WhatsApp and original WhatsApp. Original whatsapp dominated communication apps within seconds so they have offered very secure and private chats with reliable performance;however, their file sharing limitations may bother the users. FM WhatsApp makes it more customised and more advanced to use them. 

FM WhatsApp is your go-to choice as it has an extensive library of themes with more functionalities. Built-in lock, customizable chat interface/ icons and many other options to make your chat private and secure. 


FM WhatsApp is more about customization and personalization while interaction and communication. It is more about the advanced privacy features which are suitable for the users. It is not supported by official WhatsApp so there would be minor bug issues. 

Using official whatsapp is secure , reliable and officially supported so one can use it without any stress. People who are more straightforward and enjoy user-friendly messaging apps must go to use this one. 

Using FM Whatsapp is risky because it lacks official support; however, downloading it from a trusted source can minimise the risks. 

Yes, users can enjoy FM WhatsApp along with official whatsApp in one phone, but this can complicate managing your messages.  

Official whatsApp receives frequent updates, but FM WhatsApp’s updates depend on the developers. Its updates are more unpredictable because it is not linked or connected with the official WhatsApp application. 

Risks of potential data breach, lack of official support and malware risks. Get the apk download from the reputable sources to avoid these issues. 

Back up your chats from FM WhatsApp, uninstall it. Then, install the official whatsApp to restore your backup during setup. 

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